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Why do poor people get mad at rich people?

22 answers · Credit · 23 hours ago

I don’t think I should have to because I don’t have the card anymore, I asked my friend but he doesn’t know

How to kick someone out of your apartment?

20 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 1 day ago
Alright, basically I m trying to kick my mother out of our apartment. I gave her way too many chances and I m done with her already. She doesn t pay bills, constantly steals from us and blames it on other people, gets high, and basically anything that can make a person go mentally insane. I ve tried getting her... show more

The central air unit was stolen. I was home at the time but I didn't hear anything. I don't think it is fair to even ask me to pay for something I didn't do.

Is it legal for the apartment I live in to inspect it at any time?

14 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 5 hours ago

My father passed away a couple of months ago and I have been going back-and-forth and getting all of dad‘s stuff and bring it back to my house that my landlord was very rude and told me I’m not allowed to bring anything else in my garden and it’s not like there is a lot in the yard may be about an 8 ft by 4 ft foot... show more

Best answer: Why not just join the military.

I moved into a shared house. the other tenants are religious and don't want certain food products (which aren't permitted by their religion) in the house, but since I live there I want to be able to put my food in the fridge. OK, so it seems like they are totally in the wrong... but this is where it gets... show more

Is it okay for siblings to share a nice apartment together?

14 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 4 hours ago
I’m a 22 year old guy and me and my two younger brothers who are 21 and 18 are about to have our own place together. Also my friend will be living with us too, also all of us have full time we can all pay rent, our car insurance, cable, light bill and etc. What do you do guys think about siblings sharing a... show more

I stood up to a colleague at work and now they're giving me the silent treatment?

12 answers · Other - Careers & Employment · 12 hours ago
She blanks me on the stairs if I see her or corridor and I'm the only one she doesn't talk to in the office. She won't say good morning back to me or bye when I leave in the evening, like she used to do. Basically, she tried to project seniority over me, but I wouldn't have it. It has been like... show more

6 years ago, our lease was up. We signed the paperwork, did a walkthrough, and I got my share of the deposit back. Apparently, after I moved out, two of the guys asked if they could stay month to month instead cancelling our termination without my consent or knowledge. Now the landlord is claiming that since... show more

He tried to collect rent this morning and my husband asked him when he’s going to fix the AC and instead he didn’t give an answer he got rude with my husband and told him he needs to clean the yard. And the Landlord claims that he needs $500 to finish paying for the AC but he said that last couple of months. For... show more

Who wants to see obamacare go away?

13 answers · Insurance · 22 hours ago
It has been such a mess for my family. The premiums are high and we get no coverage. Each year, the open enrollment always presents a problem for us and there is always a roadblock. I miss the old days of going to a building with a person in it to talk with and who sells you insurance and that's it. How... show more

Roommate doesn’t want to turn on the heat in our dorm??

14 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 1 day ago
I live in a college apartment style dorm with 5 other girls. It’s getting colder (upstate New York) and one of the girls in my apartment doesn’t want to turn the heat on because it’ll make her too hot. So here’s the issue, our apartment is split into two, so there are 2 forms on each side (2 single rooms, and 2... show more

Is it really possible to buy homes at an auction for nearly nothing?

12 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 19 hours ago
I keep reading stories about people who become rich because they buy houses through an auction (for around $5,000 to $10,000) and then resell them at their actual market value. For instance, theres a young girl who bought a house valued at $100,000 ... for only $12,000 !! And she uses it as a rental property and... show more

Who can I talk to or seek?

16 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 2 days ago
I notice that when I fill up my kitchen sink with water, then drain it, it’s all over my basement floor. I contacted the sellers they won’t call any one. It’s been a month since I closed on the house. Who should I contact? I want it repaired.

What are the tenant's rights in this case?

25 answers · Renting & Real Estate · 3 days ago
Sister's landlord demanding to inspect unit. The problem is that she is very ill with bronchitis and cannot thoroughly clean her apartment. She was rushed to the hospital when she couldn't breathe last night. My other sister is staying with her while she's sick. We left a text message informing the... show more