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Figure out what this means?

5 answers · 2 days ago
"Your love is deeper than what the oceans are higher than" ???????

Please critque my poem.?

5 answers · 4 days ago
Girl Friend A friend of mine, says hi, spends time, what fun, she shines We have fun, we play Tell Secrets, dance ballet. Goodbye, until another day.

Best answer: Ah! thou! Ah! all hail! Art thou drunken or art thou sober? Art thou slumbering or art thou awake? O, thou! O, sorrow!

Help with a love poem?

6 answers · 2 weeks ago
I’m trying to write a poem for this guy I like who just so happens to be my roommate and my friends with benefits. I would love for him to be my boyfriend but I want to ask him out with something better than just out right asking “ Be my boyfriend?” I’m having trouble finding the words I want for one more line at... show more

It must have been nothing of ........ importance,he said sarcastically.

Best answer: The sky is green is associated with a tornado. It might be that it has pulled chlorophyll out of the plants which has been dispersed into the air. https://earthsky.org/earth/why-does-the-sky-change-color-before-a-tornado There are several theories, but the fact is that the color of the sky can predict the weather.

Is my poem good?

3 answers · 2 weeks ago
Treated, as if my heart s like yours Talked to, as if I intruded your words Looked on, and had brought my eyes nurture, But my couple of words never went any further. You re kind and you re caring, But you ll never try hearing, Just what my tongue ponders And just what I am bearing. It s true that I m wrong, But... show more

Best answer: The poem " And still I rise." My all time favorite quote, from that poem, is "...With the certainty of tides." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JqOqo50L...

I am currently writing a poem about being on a lake, and I need a something to describe the smell of the water as. I'd prefer if it had a positive connotation, because the memory of the lake is supposed to be a happy one.

Best answer: So am I to presume that the Phu Quoc province of Vietnam isn't dead just because Y!A made a category for it? Yeah, no, I'm pretty sure Y!A is not the arbiter of what is or isn't dead. It's Yahoo, not God. If you can go up one by one to the next 10 random strangers you see and get even one of them... show more

What should I title my poem?

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Its about someone catiching their first fish, I describe it as a fight with the fish, and theres a storm happening. Any ideas?

Boys are from Mars! Girls are from Venus! I've got a yum yum! You've got a... Darn it! My mom just came in. Got to go.

What is love?

11 answers · 1 month ago
Best answer: Well my description of love is it's an intense feeling of happiness towards someone or something. You could say love is like flying through the clouds feeling weightless. Lol I don't know I just came up with that. And of course love can turn out bad if things go south later on.

i eat goat, i sell goat, i wear goat, i seat goat i walk, i fly i eat chicken eye the cat on my back is high on crack late in the morning comes in the coffee, within ten mminutes its raw raw roffi i joined the mafia to climb the social ladder, but then the things i did, just got badder i told my self, i was... show more